Help Her Reach Her God-Given Potential. Every Day.

All over the world, women support their families. Women provide food and women collect water. A world with no poverty starts with empowering these women, so they can keep changing the world one day at a time.

As followers of Christ, we model a new way forward where women and girls are treated with dignity, are educated and are empowered to raise their own families without poverty. It’s not impossible just movement in the right direction each day.

ERDO’s 365 Campaign brings the stories and needs of women and girls forward. There are amazing projects you can support to become part of a woman's success.

We're so excited you're joining us on this journey!


Growing Small Businesses in Burundi

For ten years ERDO has supported women and their families by helping them grow their small businesses with loans and training through the Wezesha Project

Life was not easy when a Burundian woman, Athanasie, started a business. Her husband was the family’s provider but became sick and was hospitalized. Athanasie had to pay rent and cover other bills, like school fees for her children, alone. Things looked bleak until Athanasie learned about the Wezesha Project.

Thanks to Wezesha loans and training, Athanasie’s business has grown and she is able to support her family and start saving to build a home.

Supporting Young Mothers in Kenya

Some women in Kenya are forced into desperate situations because of high poverty and little access to food. To help these women, ERDO and our program partner are providing funds and training for 175 women to start their own businesses.

Jessica was forced to marry at a very young age. She is 22 and now supports her 2 young children. When we asked what she wanted most, Jessica said she wanted to have an education and the skills she needed to open her very own business. Thanks to donors like you, Jessica was given the tools she needed to support her family.

The Weight of Water in Zimbabwe

ERDO, alongside our partner in Zimbabwe, is digging two wells, one in Gutu and one in Zaka. These wells will provide access to clean water for families and will create a closer water source for the women living in the area. These wells will also provide water for irrigation for female farmers to help their crops grow.
Keeping Girls in School Around the World
Menstruation is a normal part of monthly life for millions of women and girls around the world. For girls in developing countries, menstruation often means missing or dropping out of school because they are not given adequate hygiene and protection supplies.
To keep girls in school and assist them with their dignity and hygiene, ERDO is working with partners to provide 500 dignity kits in Kenya and 10,000 dignity kits in Iraq. These kits include reusable sanitary pads. Along with these kits, the program provides menstrual health training.
Thank you for supporting women through ERDO. 

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