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ERDO is a founding member of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB).  By ownership of CFGB, 15 Canadian church denominations and church-based agencies work collaboratively to pool resources, bringing a Christian response to hunger.  Through our membership, donations to food relief and food security have the potential to be multiplied by matching funds available from the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada (GAC).

The easiest way to think of the CFGB is as an actual bank! 

Each of the 15 church groups have their own account.  With the funds (equity) that each partner has in their account they are able to provide food relief, emergency food aid and agriculture programs in places that are food insecure.  The goal in every situation is to ensure longer term strategies for food security, so communities are able to feed themselves.

There are several ways ERDO is able to increase the amount of money in our account:

1.  Cash donations directly to the CFGB directed to the ERDO-PAOC account (receipted by CFGB)

2.  Cash donations directly to ERDO (receipted by ERDO) for use in Food Aid programs

3.  Grain donations by farmers at their local grain elevator (most elevators across Canada are familiar with the CFGB and will cash out grain and designate the proceeds to the ERDO-PAOC account at CFGB if instructed to do so).  These grain donations are receipted by CFGB.

We encourage individuals, churches and groups to consider community growing projects and fundraising events as a way to raise resources that will help ERDO to address issues of hunger.  Traditionally this involved farm communities that would dedicate a particular field or a portion of the harvest to ERDO.  This is still a good way to help, but any fundraising project in rural and urban areas can have a direct benefit by contributing the funds raised to ERDO’s work through the CFGB.  In fact there is a potential for every dollar raised to have 5 times the impact!

As we work overseas and undertake food assistance programs, we pay for these programs through our account at the CFGB.  For approved food relief projects, the Canadian government (GAC) provides a 4:1 match of ERDO’s resources.  So if we have a school feeding program that is going to cost $100,000, we need to take $20,000 out of our account and GAC provides the remaining $80,000. 


2021 Expenditures

  • 85% Total Programs
  • 6% Support Services
  • 9% Resource Development


Gifts to programs that have been fully funded will be redirected to those with a similar intent or location.

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