Sponsorship: What You Can Expect

When you sponsor a child through our ChildCARE Plus program, unless you’ve chosen a specific child to sponsor, you will be matched with a child in most need.

A few days after you’ve selected your child to sponsor and arranged payment by VISA, MasterCard or pre-authorized bank withdrawal, you will receive a welcome letter with his or her photo and information in the mail.  This child profile will have some information about the child, his or her community and family life.

Writing Letters and Sharing Your Life

You can write to your sponsored child by using the information that you’ll be provided within your welcome letter, but if you are not able to write, don’t worry, it is encouraged but not something you have to do.  

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About twice a year you will receive a letter from your sponsored child, and once a year you will receive a new photograph so that you can see for yourself how he or she is growing.

Length of Sponsoring

While some people sponsor the same child for the child’s lifetime in our program, sometimes unforeseen circumstances can interfere with the ability to carry on with their sponsorship.  These circumstances include things like: moving outside of the program area, the untimely death of the child, non-attendance at school, or reaching the maximum age for sponsorship.

In any of these cases, we would quickly advise you of the situation, and provide you with the opportunity to help another child who is in need of a sponsor.  

Ending a Sponsorship

Sometimes sponsors have life circumstances which prevent them from carrying on with sponsorship.  If this happens to you, you can cancel your sponsorship at any time, and we will find another sponsor as quickly as possible to maintain care of the child.

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