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Every cup of clean water matters!

ERDO is working with our trusted partners to bring clean water to children and their families.

Bio Sand Filters in Hondurashonduras bio-sand filter

This bio sand filter design is a plastic container with layers of sand and gravel that cleverly filters out impurities, providing fresh clean drinking water for children and their families. Both water and sanitation are essential for child health so we’re really excited about bringing this simple technology to help families in Honduras.

Project goal:

• To provide 300 bio sand filters to individual homes and install two filtration systems in elementary schools 
• Your gift of $250 will provide a bio sand filter and health training to one family
• Your gift of $2,800 will provide a filtration system for one school 


Drilled Wells in Zimbabwe

In countries like Zimbabwe where water is hiding deep below the earth, drilled wells are the only option to provide clean drinking water.  A large truck with specialized drilling equipment is brought into the community where it bores through the layers of earth to access fresh water.

Project goal:

• To install school wells in Zimbabwe so children no longer need to leave school premises to look for unsafe water to drink
• Your gift of $20,000 will provide one school with a drilled well that will benefit 477 students, teachers and members of the community



Tube Wells in Bangladeshlittle girl in bangladesh at tube well

Tube wells are sunk into the ground to reach clean sources of water and are used in countries that are closer to sea-level, such as Bangladesh. The tubes are linked to hand pumps, so with a little pumping that creates suction, the fresh water is drawn.

Project goal:

  • To provide 100 tube wells and reach 12,500 people
  • Your gift of $2,345 will provide one well that will help 25 families (125 individuals)



 Thank you for your support!



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