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canola sproutedIt is beautiful when we work together! 

Many of ERDO programs go towards supporting food assistance in the developing world. When children are hungry they cannot grow or learn. When adults are hungry they cannot work, maintain their health or change their future. At ERDO, we want to make sure every single person has access to proper food and nutrition: the basic necessities of human life.

Canadian farmers share our goal of seeing an end to world hunger. Through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, Canadian farmers donate crop profits towards global hunger. With the Government of Canada matching every dollar contributed to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, even more people in the developing world are fed. ERDO is able to access matched funding when we raise money for food asssitance, making our impact stretch to more than twice as many people as if we were working alone.


Cultivate Sarnia!

Through an initial investment from churches in the Sarnia area, ERDO and our partners have been able to purchase a plot of land and seed money to start a new crop. Our initial investment, once crops are harvested and sold, will be doubled. Deposited into the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, our investment will be doubled again through the Canadian Government's matching program! When we work together, starting out with some very small seeds, we can harvest a worldwide impact.


Help us end global hunger today by donating to Cultivate Sarnia.



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