Estate Giving

After caring for your loved ones, you can give to the organizations and ministries you support. No matter what your financial means, planned giving to ERDO provides a way to make a timeless difference to children and families in need.

Here are some things for you to consider in your planning process.  Only you can decide which fits best with your needs, the needs of any family members and other dependents. The information provided is not meant to replace any advice given by your legal counsel.

In this section we’ll describe some of the gifts that help advance the work of ERDO in serving children and their families in need.

Specific Gifts for Children

While we realize that some donors would like to make very definitive requests to carry forward support of a specific child, ERDO does not have the capacity to adequately administer this.  It is sometimes impossible and often a heavy administrative burden to have to track down an individual child who has since graduated from our sponsorship program, or left the area.  When children are specified and are not able to be located, this means that ERDO must work with estate executors on other solutions to come up with something that represents the intent of the estate gift.  For these and other reasons, we respectfully ask that your gift not be assigned to a specific child.

Country- Specific Gifts

We also don’t encourage a gift to a specific country that ERDO is currently operating in.  Sometimes due to political instability, war or other factors, agencies like ours need to suspend or withdraw operations from a country.  It is more helpful if your gift could be made to a broader category of ministry.

Gifts of Greatest Use in ERDO’s Ministry

ERDO is able to use gifts which are either undesignated, or designated towards broader categories of our work which would allow us to designate funds to where needed most at the time of receipt. 

An undesignated category may include wording such as “for ERDO’s mission in serving the poor” or “where most needed”.

Some of the broader categories to designate your gift include:

“for the support of children”

“for education”

“for water”

“for community development activities”

“for capacity building activities”

“for food relief and/or food security” etc. 

ERDO’s areas of focus can be found throughout this website.  Please explore all of the sections of the "Programs" tab above to read about our work.  

In addition to your own research on our website, conversations about estate planning over the phone or by e-mail, sometimes donors who are considering making a gift in their estate will come into ERDO’s office, or have a home visit from an ERDO representative.  This is so we can discuss our ministry and gain a greater understanding of the program work we currently do in more than 30 countries. Please know that we are willing and able to answer any and all questions you have about our humanitarian work.

In this section we'll describe some of the methods of giving to discuss with your family and legal advisor:


Specific Bequest

This type of bequest is the most common gift received by ERDO. The donor may specify a sum of money, or a percentage of the estate or a specific property, such as real estate or securities.

Residual Bequest

With this type of bequest, you may direct that a portion or the balance of your estate pass to ERDO after providing for other beneficiaries.

Contingent Bequest

This type of bequest directs that ERDO receives all or a portion of your estate in the event of a prior death of certain other beneficiaries.

Residual Bequest Subject to Life Interest

This type of bequest directs that ERDO be the ultimate beneficiary of your estate, after certain other beneficiaries have had use of the income from the estate for their lifetimes.

Consider your options as you begin to plan for the future:

  • Gifts by Wills and Bequests ease probate fees and taxes that must be paid by your estate.
  • Through a Life Insurance donation, you can receive tax benefits now
  • Transferring Securities (stocks and mutual funds) directly to ERDO allows you to make a larger gift while eliminating capital gains tax.
  • Benefits of a Charitable Gift Annuity are: guaranteed income for life; an immediate gift to support ERDO's work; a tax receipt for the gift portion of the annuity; and partially tax-free income.
  • Name ERDO as beneficiary of Retirement Funds such as RRSPs or RRIFs and your estate will receive a tax receipt to ease the tax burden on your heirs.
  • Create an Endowment with a substantial gift from your estate and ensure your legacy will last for generations. Endowment funds may be pooled and personal endowments may require a minimum contribution.

Please remember these two important points in making your estate plans:

  1. You cannot direct the disbursement of your estate unless you have a legal will.
  2. Your will should change as your life does. For instance, at the time of a marriage, a divorce, a birth or a death, or a significant increase or decrease in your worldly wealth.

We hope that this information has been helpful to you in beginning your consideration of an estate gift.  We can be of any further service to you, please contact ERDO by e-mail to:, or by calling toll-free: 1-800-779-7262


2016 Financial breakdown of each dollar given to ERDO:

87% Programs

5% Support Services

8% Resource Development

ERDO’s financial statements are audited by rlb LLP.

In both 2014 and 2015, The Financial Post recognized ERDO as one of Canada's Top 25 Charities out of the over 85,000 registered.





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