Ethiopia Food Emergency

An Ethiopian farmer and his daughter

Donations are needed today to help malnourished Ethiopian children, pregnant and nursing mothers.  Your donation today will go towards ERDO's relief efforts already underway.

Though some rains have begun to fall, there will not be another harvest until October 2016. 


A climate disaster linked to a major “El Nino” weather pattern is moving across much of Africa, specifically southern eastern regions. Ethiopia is one of the hardest hit countries with an estimated 10.2 million people needing food because of crop failure. The World Health Organization estimates “400,000 Ethiopian children will face severe malnutrition in 2016”.

The typical summer rains were severely affected this year, which has resulted in the worst drought the country has seen in decades. This came immediately after failed spring rains, which has resulted in mass food insecurity and malnutrition in impacted regions across the country. In addition to the wide-spread food crisis, water wells are drying up and schools are starting to close in the worst-affected areas. Children are missing out on education, and mothers are forced to walk for hours to find water.

Farmers like Jibo, pictured to the right here with one of his daughters, are struggling as their crops fail from the lack of rain. In his region they plant in March and harvest in October. This is the third year that he will plant seed in March in hopes that he will get a crop. Jibo says, "We are sad that we can't grow crops. We are bankrupt. We have no more seed left so I will save what I have from my earnings to buy more seed for this year's planting."

ERDO's relief effort:

Through PAOC Global Workers in Ethiopia, ERDO is helping in two zones of the Oromia region. To help some of the most vulnerable, we are providing a corn and soya blend of nutritional food for malnourished children, pregnant and nursing mothers.

We are also supplying safe drinking water. This water and food project is currently assisting 8,014 people, and is in need of financial support. Please give so we can help people in need of food and clean water in Ethiopia.

CBC news has been covering the situation in Ethiopia, accompanying Jim Cornelius, Executive Director of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.  You can watch one of the episodes on the hunger situation by clicking on this link: CBC - Part 2 of Ethiopia on the edge



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