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Nutritious Food for Children: An Urgent Need

"When you provided food for the hungry, a drink for the thirsty, refuge to the stranger, clothing for the naked, care for the sick, and comfort for the prisoner, you were doing it unto me."  Jesus


Nutrition makes a significant impact in the lives of children. At ERDO our hearts break as some of our child-focused feeding programs are at risk and in need of funding. Program locations include Malawi, Honduras, and Kenya.

We know when hunger strikes children feel it physically and emotionally. We’ve all been around infants whose response to hunger is to cry. Along with the emotion of hunger, chronic hunger and malnutrition cause increased sickness and poor school attendance and performance.

With your help, we can work together to feed hungry children in these three countries:

Lilongwe, MALAWI

 malawi nutritionAll children have the right to nutritious food and proper care. Sadly, it was found that children with special needs in Malawi are often denied the right types and amounts of food.
Through our partner, Kathy Bowler, we’re working to change things by providing medically supervised treatment and follow up for children suffering from malnutrition.
All children in this nutrition program take home food based on their specific nutritional needs. This food may include high calorie porridge, fortified cereals and/or ready to use therapeutic foods.
Children in the nutrition program (and their siblings if appropriate) receive a cooked meal on days they attend the nutrition program. Funds are needed to cover an expansion of this program in the coming year.
Northern KENYA
A boy holds up his cup from the feeding program in KenyaERDO programs in Namoruputh, Lokwatubwa and Lochor Emeyan are in partnership with global worker Deborah Sirjoosingh. Families in these areas are constantly struggling to feed their children due to the arid soil conditions. Undernourished children are more susceptible to illnesses and diseases which keeps them out of school.
Children who are hungry are also not able to concentrate and learn in class. This results in lower grades and an overall inability to participate well in classroom activities.
Through our partner we’re working to increase the amount of food and level of nutrition for 336 nursery school children by providing a daily meal for them at their schools.
Funds are needed to purchase the program’s basic needs of food and cooking fuel.

Tegucigalpa, HONDURAS

Through global worker Kathy Mizen, ERDO is helping children in a mountainous part of the city of Tegucigalpa. The land is not good for growing food and is one of the poorest urban areas in Honduras. Families here live on two to five dollars a day, and unemployment is rampant.
In addition to children being impacted by poverty and food insecurity, the communities are plagued by gang violence. Without intervention, few children stay in school long enough to graduate from Grade 6 as they are lured into the gang subculture with offers of food and money.
To help children, we want to provide a daily nutritionally fortified breakfast beverage at schools. This will support healthy brain development for 705 children and decrease the chance of them being lured by gangs.
The program needs additional funding to help supply food to children attending 2 preschools, 5 kindergartens and children who are most vulnerable in the community from infancy to age 12.
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