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Food for Kids in Zimbabwe


Food for Kids - $7.50      Matched 5:1 


Hunger is a challenge for many families in Zimbabwe, especially after recent drought and recent lockdowns. Your gift will give a child a daily meal for a whole year! 

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Child's Breakfast


A Child's Breakfast - $30              

Going to school hungry makes it much harder for children to learn. Let’s give them every chance to succeed! Send a child in Honduras a nutritious breakfast drink every weekday for a year.


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Farm Essentials Headline


Gorgeous Goats



Gorgeous Goat - $100     Best Seller!

Your gift will provide a family in Kenya with a gorgeous, mature female goat. This goat will provide milk to feed a child and bring in an income for the family. We’ll make sure your goat has access to veterinary care! 

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Seeds - $15                    Matched 1:1+ 

Help a farmer feed their family today. We’re working with farmers to grow foods like plantains, beans, ground nuts, pigeon peas and vegetables. 

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Farm Tools


Farm Tools - $20            Matched 1:1+ 


We all need to eat, yet food is extremely difficult to grow in certain climates where drought is common. Help us give tools and training to family farmers so they can grow plentiful and nutritious foods! 

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Garden in a Box


Garden in a Box - $150

The Garden in a Box will support a single family. You will be gifting this family the seeds, tools and training to start and maintain their own kitchen garden.

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Clean Water Gifts

Bangladesh Tube Wells


Bangladesh: Tube Well - $40

Bring clean water to a community by *contributing toward a tube well! Villagers in rural Bangladesh walk hours from home to collect unclean river water to drink. This makes children sick. By providing a well in a village, you can save women and girls hours of work, while increasing overall child and family health. Each well helps 25-30 families.

*The cost of each tube well is $2,500.

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Create a New Borewell

Create a Borewell - $200

Borewells are used in countries like Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, where water is deep underground beneath layers of hard rock. Your *portion of a borewell can help thirsty, drought-stricken communities access drinking water and irrigation so they an grow food.

*The average cost of a borewell is $30,000. 

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Water Filters for Families

Household Water Filter - $250

Many families don’t have running water for drinking, cooking or cleaning. Instead, people purchase or find contaminated water. Your gift will install a household water filter and help fund a school filter in an area of need.

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Clean Water

Clean Water - $25

Children and adults around the world are drinking contaminated water. This results in diarrhea, disease and even blindness. With your help, we can create new wells, irrigation systems and water filters for children and their families in need.

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COVID-19 Food Pack

COVID-19 Relief Pack - $100             

COVID restrictions around the world have led to unemployment, causing children and their families to go without enough food. It has been particularly difficult for areas where poverty already results in hunger and malnutrition. You can help. Bring emergency food and hygiene items, like soap and masks, to a family in need today. 

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Africa Food Pack


Africa: Family Food Pack - $75

When emergencies strike unexpectedly, people need food and comfort quickly. These disaster relief packs will bring food, water and emergency supplies to a family in Africa experiencing drought, conflict or other types of disaster.

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Yemen Food Packs

Yemen Food Pack - $18           Matched 4:1 


Children and families are still suffering from chronic hunger in Yemen, where war has created the worst humanitarian crisis in the world! We are continuing to respond with food this Christmas and into the coming year. Your gift will feed two people in Yemen for an entire month.

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Gifts for Entrepreneurs


Support for Young Mothers

Support for Young Moms - $30

In Kenya, we are training women to run their own small businesses! Working directly with ladies who were teen mothers and had little schooling as a result, we’re teaching business skills and providing loans. Women chose their own income projects and are supported through the entire process. Help a woman and her family today! 

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Loans for Women thorugh Wezesha


Loans for Women - $75

Your gift will provide one woman with a starter loan and training to help her expand her small business. Women participate in cash management, product diversification and marketing classes. They are given the dignity of earning an income, providing food and education for their children and having the chance to break out of poverty! 

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Motorbikes -$3500

Motorbikes and small vehicles allow workers to visit project areas and help the vulnerable in remote locations. Due to poor road conditions and the amount of use, *heavy duty motorcycles or vehicles are required. 

*Your gift will fully fund a motorcycle or go towards a portion of a vehicle.

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Gifts for School Headline


Tutoring Groups for Kids

Honduras: Community Centre - $10

We are building a community centre in Honduras where children will have a safe place to learn and grow. Through tutoring programs held at the centre, students will achieve their goals to pursue higher education. The centre will also be a place for discipleship events for kids and adults to grow spiritually. Leave a lasting imprint on a community and empower the next generation! 

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Kids' Disability Equipment

Kids' Disability Equipment - $175

Help a child with a disability by purchasing the equipment they need for their care and dignity. A walker, wheelchair or feeding chair can make life easier for a child with very specific needs. We love to see children be comfortable and cared for through these gifts. Donate today to support these growing and beautiful children. 

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Children's Medical Needs

Children's Medical Needs - $20

A single visit to a doctor can cost a family everything they own! We know a child should not be denied care. By giving towards our sponsored children’s medical needs, you’ll support a child through a medical emergency, surgery or a life-threatening condition.

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Monthly Gift Options


You can sponsor a child today

Sponsor a Child - $41 per month or $492 annually

Sponsor a child today and change a life! Educate a child in need and care for their basic needs, which includes extra food for families during COVID-19. 

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William Cornelius Vocational Training Centre

Training for Students - $100/month

Sponsor a child through the William Cornelius Vocational Training Centre (WCVTC) today. WCVTC offers courses and skills training that will lead to careers for students in Guatemala. Nothing will end the cycle of poverty like a job!

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365 Global Variety Pack - Helping women all over the world


365 - Helping Women Everyday

8 Gifts in 7 Countries! - $365

Can’t decide? Check it all. The 365 Variety Pack bundles together gifts for girls and women all over the world.

We believe supporting women 365 days a year creates lasting change in families and communities. If you want to make a difference, start by helping women!

This gift will support teen mothers looking to start a business in Kenya. It will bring community wells to places like Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, where women have to collect water far from home several times a day. Your gift will keep girls in school by providing menstrual hygiene products and will empower women in Burundi to support their families.

Every woman on your Christmas gift list will love a gift that helps other women!

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Did You Know? 

Through approved food relief programs with Canadian Foodgrains Bank, ERDO is able to receive matched funding from the Canadian government. For specific food aid programs, ERDO can access matched funds up to 4:1, making your donations reach so many more families in need!


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