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seeds ot grow food

Seeds - $15

Seeds for gardens help families to have the dignity of growing their own food. Seeds will vary by location and include maize, beans, ground nuts and pigeon peas.

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 erdo saplings

Fruit Tree Saplings - $20

Purchase a gift that grows! Give four orange or mango saplings to a family in need. The fruit can be used to eat and increase vitamin intake or sold so that income is generated to help with other basic needs.

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 erdo garden bundle

The Healthy Garden Bundle - $35

Bundle the seeds and fruit tree saplings into a fantastic gift of hope. This is the perfect gift for your friends and family who grow their own food and can appreciate growing healthy produce.

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 erdo children medical fund



Uniform- $50

In some areas, children can’t attend school when they don’t have a uniform. You can be the bridge between a child and their education. Give this special gift for success!

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 school supplies

Backpack and School Supplies- $50

Children need backpacks and school supplies in order to be successful. This gift provides a brand-new backpack and school supplies to a child waiting for sponsorship.

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 shoes for kids

Shoes - $35

Can you imagine walking on rocky, hot and dry ground every time you stepped outside? That’s the reality for many children in countries where ERDO works. Give the gift of sturdy shoes to protect the feet of a child.

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erdo backpacks

School Bundle - $135

This special bundle gives a child everything that they need to be successful at school. Equip a child with shoes, a uniform, backpack and school supplies for the upcoming school year.

• Uniform
• Shoes
• Backpack
• School supplies

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erdo school supplies

Tutoring Classes - $20

Help elementary and high school students who are struggling academically. When students attend tutoring classes, they get support in Math, Spanish and English.


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erdo cookies

Cookies for Kids - $3.50 provides biscuits for 5 children for one month

Matched 4x*

Give the gift of high-energy biscuits to pre-school children in our nutrition program in Bangladesh. These are no ordinary cookies— they provide essential vitamins and nutrients to improve child health. Learn more:

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Breakfast in Honduras - $30

Give a child the nutrition that they need. Your gift will provide one child living on the outskirts of the capital city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras with a nutritious breakfast drink every day for the entire school year.

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erdo school meal for children

School Meal in Zimbabwe - $40

When going to school hungry, it’s very hard for children to focus on learning. This is why having a nutritious breakfast is so important. Your gift will provide one child in Zimbabwe with a nutritious daily meal for a whole year!

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Nutrition in Malawi - $35

Provide delicious food to children with disabilities in our Malawi ChildCARE Plus program. These meals will ensure the best nutritional support for child development!

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erdo family relief packs

Crisis Food Packs - $75

Children and their families need emergency food in times of crisis. ERDO meets the needs of hungry individuals by providing nutrient-rich foods, keeping with the local diet, and other essentials depending on the scale of need.

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Safe space for kids - $25 or any amount

Where do you go when it’s not safe in your own home? That’s a question many children can’t answer. Your gift will help ERDO build safe spaces for children fleeing from war torn countries.

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School playground - $50 or any amount

Children love to have fun! However, for some children, having fun is the last thing they get to do. Help change this by joining ERDO in building school playgrounds, so a kid can be a kid. 

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Soap in a bucket - $50

When families face crisis, critical hygiene is essential. This gift will provide one family with soap, a bucket, cleaning supplies and water purification tablets during a time of crisis.

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 erdo water in bangladesh

Tube Wells for Bangladesh - $2,345

Give the gift of clean water to a community in Bangladesh! Your gift will include the construction, materials and the monitoring of the tube well to ensure that it remains well cared for.

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 clean water in zimbabwe

Zimbabwe School Well - $20,000*

Help install a school well in Zimbabwe, so children no longer need to leave school premises to look for unsafe water to drink. This gift will provide one school with a drilled well that will benefit students, teachers and members of the community!

*Give any amount!


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 erdo clean water in honduras

Honduras: Bio-sand filters -$245

This gift provides families in Honduras with clean water. $245 provides one family with a bio-sand filter and family health training.

Did you know? Bio-sand filters are an easy and effective way to remove pollutants from water and make it safe for communities to drink!

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 erdo beads

Beading Kit - $20

When you purchase a beading kit, you are supporting a woman in ERDO’s bead work project. Your gift will provide training and materials needed to make bead artifacts for sale at tourist and outside markets. She will also receive business and savings training. This is a great gift for the arts and crafts lover!


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 erdo motorbikes

Program Worker Motorbikes - $3,200

Motorbikes are essential to the delivery of many ERDO programs as they allow on the ground workers to visit project areas and visit beneficiaries in remote locations. Due to poor road conditions and amount of use, heavy duty motorcycles are required.

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erdo microfinance

Microfinance Loans for Women - $75

Help a woman become financially independent through the Wezesha Project, ERDO's microfinance program. Your gift will provide one woman with a starter loan and business management training to assist her small business. Learn more.

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 erdo sewing machine

Sewing machines -$200

Equip women and youth with employable skills to earn a sustainable income to support their families. $200 provides training and supplies for one woman or youth to complete a tailoring course.

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 pads for girls

Sanitary pads - $100

Girls often miss school because they are unable to access menstrual hygiene products during their periods. You can change this. This gift includes reusable sanitary pads, and sewing, production and small business training of menstrual health products. 

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 erdo chickens

Chickens - $25 for a hen and rooster

This gift can help people in two ways; the eggs can be sold for a profit, or the chickens can be raised and eaten, providing a source of protein for a whole family. The cost includes all the needed materials to raise the chickens, like feed, vaccines, heat and lights.

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 erdo donkey

Donkeys - $280

The gift of a donkey is an opportunity for a household to gain independence through income generation. Giving a donkey to a widow in Northern Kenya provides the means to transport water and firewood for household use and sale. It can also be rented by the hour to neighbours.

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 erdo camels

Camels - $800

Giving the gift of a camel to a family has so many benefits. Camels have been specially bred to survive the harsh conditions of drought and are used for daily tasks like carrying water, providing milk and plowing fields.

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 erdo goats

Goats - $100

The milk provided by the goats nourishes the Kenyan widows’ children. In an amazing process of peace and reconciliation, the goats help bring widows from warring tribes together resulting in a more positive, and peaceful community.

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Farm in a box - $285

Four chickens, two goats, and a healthy garden bundle will be the perfect gift to help a family start their own farm.

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Monthly Gifts

sponsor a child with erdo

Sponsor a child - $41/month

Transform the life of a child! Children in ERDO's ChildCARE Plus program have been selected because they are struggling with poverty. Sponsorship funds allow them to go to school and have access to other basic necessities.

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 erdo group sponsorship  

Group Sponsorship – $10/month

This gift goes towards the care of all children in ChildCARE Plus locations. It helps with things like supplementary food, school supplies, medical aid and can even cover the care of a child who is waiting to be sponsored.

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 erdo training for students

Training for Students - $100/month

Your monthly support helps students attend the William Cornelius Vocational Training Centre in Guatemala. This gift provides students with vocational training which serves as a bridge to higher education and meaningful work.

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