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Child's Breakfast in Honduras


A Child's Breakfast - $30              

Kids go to school hungry all over the world. We're giving kids breakfast so they can succeed in school. Feed a child a nutritious breakfast drink every weekday for a year.

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Farm Essentials Headline

seeds ot grow food



Seeds - $15                       Matched 1:1 

Seeds give families the dignity of growing their own food. Seeds will vary by location and may include plantains, beans, ground nuts, pigeon peas and vegetables.

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Farm Tools


Farm Tools - $20              

In rural and arid climates, food does not grow easily. Help us provide tools and training to family farmers so they can grow more plentiful and nutritious foods!

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Gorgeous Goat - $100     Best Seller!

Your gift will provide a gorgeous mature female goat to a family in need. In Northern Kenya it s very difficult to grow food.  Giving a family a goat will provide milk to sustain a child.

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Young people holding farm produce


NEW! Garden in a Box - $150

The Garden in a Box will support a single family. You will be gifting this family the seeds, tools and training to start and maintain their own kitchen garden.

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Group of Goats

Farm in a Box - $230

25 chickens and 2 goats will be the perfect gift to help a family feed their children and start their own farm and livestock business!

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Clean Water Gifts

Bangladesh Tubewell Woman Drinking


Bangladesh: Tube Well Share - $40

Give the gift of clean water to a community in rural Bangladesh by contributing towards a tube well. Villagers walk for hours every day to collect unclean river water to drink. You can provide clean water to 5 people in a small village through this donation of a portion of the full well cost.

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Zimbabwe child drinking water from borewell


Zimbabwe: Borewell Share- $200

Zimbabwe's consistent drought has ruined years of harvest. By creating two community wells, farmers can irrigate their kitchen gardens and fields to successfully grow their own food. $200 will support 4 farmers and their families with a portion of this well.

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Honduran child with water and bread

Honduras: Water Filters - $250

Communities in Honduras' capital do not have running water. Families have no choice but to purchase contaminated drinking water. With your gift we will install a household biosand filter and help fund a school filter.

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Child in Bangladesh drinking cup of water

Clean Water - $25

All over the world people are drinking contaminated water. They have no other options. This results in sickness, blindness and other ailments. With your help, we can create new wells, irrigation systems and water filters.

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COVID 19 Relief Pack

NEW! COVID-19 Relief Pack - $100             

COVID-19 has increased needs worldwide. Emergency food will help families in lockdown who have lost their income. Hygiene items can help stop the spread of conoravirus.

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Disaster Relief Packs


Family Relief Food Pack - $75            

Emergencies strike unexpectedly and we want to respond quickly. These disaster relief packs will bring food, water and emergency supplies to people on their worst days.

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NEW! Yemen Food Pack - $22  Matched 4:

Children are starving in Yemen. War has created the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. This gift will feed one person in Yemen for an entire month.

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Gifts for Entrepreneurs


Training for Girls

Training for Girls- $100

Young women are receiving business training! Support a young entrepreneur with this gift.

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Sewing Machines




Sewing Machines - $200

The gift of a sewing machine and tailoring training can be life changing! With your support, a young woman in South Africa will receive tools and training to raise her income and support her family's needs. These women have been making masks and school uniforms for the children in our child sponsorship program.

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Motorcycles for Overseas Programs


Motorbikes -$3500

Motorbikes are essential to ERDO's programs as they allow in-country workers to visit project areas and beneficiaries in remote locations. Due to poor road conditions and amount of use, heavy duty motorcycles are required.

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Microfinance Loans for Women

Microfinance Loans for Women - $75

Support female entrepreneurs in Burundi. Your gift will provide one woman with a starter loan and business management training to assist her to build a small business and sustain her family income.

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Gifts for School Headline

School Supplies


School Supplies - $20

Children need supplies to be successful in school. Many families living in poverty make choices between food and school supplies. You can help a child and their family through this gift today.

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Equipment for Children with Disabilities

NEW! Equipment for Kids with Disabilities - $175

Special equipment, like walkers, wheelchairs and feeding chairs, help kids with disabilities. Donate equipment to fit the needs of these growing children. Give a child independence with a walker or wheelchair.

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A Brick in a Children's Centre

NEW! A Brick in a Children's Centre - $10

Some child sponsorship locations need a safe space for children. We're building community centres to host kids' clubs, English and art classes and other after school programs. This gift leaves a lasting imprint on a community in need.

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Children's Medical Needs


Children's Medical Needs - $20

A single visit to a doctor can cost everything a family has. This gift will help pay for medical emergencies, surgeries or any life threatening conditions a sponsored child may face.

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  Education Boost

NEW! Education Boost - $25

This gift provides extra study materials for kids, emergency food, teacher training or extra curricular activities in schools.

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Monthly Gift Options


ChildCARE Plus Graduate in Cambodia

Sponsor a Child - $41 per month or $492 annually

Transform the life of a child! Children in ERDO's child sponsorship program, ChildCARE Plus, are struggling with poverty. Sponsorship allows them to go to school and cares for their spiritual and physical needs.

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Vocational Training Student Graduates

Training for Students - $100/month

Your monthly support helps students attend the William Cornelius Vocational Training Centre in Guatemala. This gift provides students with vocational training which serves as a bridge to higher education and meaningful work.

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Did You Know? 

Through approved food relief programs with Canadian Foodgrains Bank, ERDO is able to receive matched funding from the Canadian government. For specific food aid programs, ERDO can access matched funds up to 4:1, making your donations reach so many more families in need!


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