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  erdo food essentials

erdo seeds

Seeds - $15

What a great stocking stuffer! Seeds for gardens help families to have the dignity of growing their own food. Seeds will vary by location and will include things like maize, beans, ground nuts and pigeon peas.

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 erdo saplings

Fruit Tree Saplings - $20

This Christmas gift grows! You can give four orange or mango saplings to an individual or family. The fruit can be used to eat and increase vitamin intake or can be sold so that income is generated to help with other basic needs.

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 erdo garden bundle

The Healthy Garden Bundle - $35

Bundle the seeds and fruit tree saplings into a fantastic gift of hope. This is the perfect gift for your friends and family who grow their own food and can appreciate growing healthy produce to eat.

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erdo gifts for children


 erdo children medical fund



Emergency Children’s Medical Fund - $25 or any amount

ERDO responds to emergency medical needs of ChildCARE Plus children every year. A gift to this fund helps us respond quickly when requests come for things like repairing broken bones, surgeries, or treating severe cases of malaria.

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erdo backpacks

Uniforms or Backpacks - $60

In some countries, children are not able to attend school when they don’t have a uniform. Other times, children need a new backpack to carry school supplies. This gift provides a brand-new uniform or backpack to a child in need.

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erdo cookies

Cookies for Kids - $3.50 provides biscuits for 5 children for one month

Matched 4x*

Pre-school children in our nutrition program in Bangladesh receive high-energy biscuits every day. These are no ordinary cookies as they provide essential vitamins and nutrients to improve child health. Thanks to a special grant, your gift of cookies will actually help five children! Read more about this program at

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 erdo mosquito nets

Fight the Bite! Anti-Malaria Mosquito Nets - $20

In countries like Malawi, malaria is the leading cause of death in children under the age of five. Purchasing a treated bed net ensures that a child will be better protected and not bitten by malaria carrying mosquitoes while asleep.

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erdo school meal for children

School Meal for 100 children - $15

When children go to school hungry, it’s very hard for them to stay alert and learn the lessons that are being taught. That is why having a nutritious breakfast is very important. Your gift will provide 100 children in Zimbabwe with corn soya blend (CSB+). This is a special cereal that provides essential nutrients and keeps tummies full!

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erdo crisis corner 

erdo family relief packs

Family Crisis Packs - $75

Children and their families need emergency food in times of crisis. Your gift will help ERDO meet the needs of hungry individuals and families by providing nutrient-rich foods in keeping with the local diet, and other essentials depending on the scale of need.

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 erdo rohingya refugee crisis

Rohingya Refugee Crisis - $100 

Matched 4x*

Since August 2017, over 700,000 refugees poured into Bangladesh to flee persecution in Myanmar. With Rohingya refugees unable to return home or fully enter Bangladesh, they truly are stateless. A gift to this fund will provide Rohingya refugees with emergency food items they need in refugee camps.

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erdo in south sudan

South Sudan Refugee Crisis -$105

Matched 4x*

Ongoing political conflict has caused widespread displacement, raging violence and increasing rates of food insecurity in South Sudan. 1 in 5 people in South Sudan have been displaced, and thousands are flooding into neighbouring countries every day. A gift to this fund will provide South Sudan refugees living in Uganda with emergency food items.

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erdo clean water

 erdo water in bangladesh

Tube Wells for Bangladesh - $2,225

Tube wells are sunk into the ground to reach clean sources of water and are used in countries that are closer to sea-level, such as Bangladesh. The tubes are linked to hand pumps; so, with a little pumping that creates suction, the fresh water is drawn. Your donation contributes to the high-quality construction, materials and the monitoring of tube wells to ensure that it remains well cared for.

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erdo clean water in cambodia

Cambodia: Bio-sand filters and eco-latrine - $235

A very simple technology in Cambodia is changing lives. A water filtration unit which uses simple, easy to access materials like sand and gravel is providing clean water to families. Your gift provides a family with a bio-sand filter and eco-latrine.

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 erdo clean water in honduras

Honduras: Bio-sand filters -$186

Using the same simple technology, in Honduras your gift of $186 will provide a family with a household bio-sand filter and family health training.

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erdo practical gifts 

 erdo beads

Beading Kit - $14

When you purchase a beading kit, you are supporting a woman in ERDO’s bead work project. Your gift will provide training and materials needed to make bead artifacts for sale at tourist and outside markets. She will also receive business and savings training. This is a great gift for the arts and crafts lover!


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 erdo motorbikes

Program Worker Motorbikes - $3,200

Motorbikes are essential to the delivery of many ERDO programs as they allow on the ground workers to visit project areas and visit beneficiaries in remote locations. Due to poor road conditions and amount of use, heavy duty motorcycles are required.

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erdo microfinance

Microfinance Loans for Women - $75

Your gift will provide women in Burundi with the financial assistance and business management training they need to grow their small businesses. Microfinance loans have increased family income, nutrition and the rate of children enrolled in school. Learn more.

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 erdo sewing machine

Sewing machines -$200

This is the perfect gift for all the fashionistas out there. When a woman receives a sewing machine, it gives her the opportunity to sell high quality products in order for her to generate income to support her family. Your gift will provide one woman with a sewing machine and business training.

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 erdo animals 

 erdo chickens

Chickens - $25 for a hen and rooster

This gift can help people in two ways; the eggs can be sold for a profit, or the chickens can be raised and eaten, providing a source of protein for a whole family. The cost includes all the needed materials to raise the chickens, like feed, vaccines, heat and lights.

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 erdo donkey

Donkeys - $280

Giving a donkey to a widow in Northern Kenya provides the means to transport water and firewood for household use and sale. It can also be rented by the hour to neighbours. The gift of a donkey is an opportunity for a household to gain independence through income generation.

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 erdo camels

Camels - $800

Giving the gift of a camel to a family has so many benefits. Camels have been specially bred to survive the harsh conditions of drought and are used for daily tasks like carrying water, providing milk and plowing fields.

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 erdo goats

Goats - $100

The milk provided by the goats nourishes the Kenyan widows’ children. In an amazing process of peace and reconciliation, the goats help bring widows from warring tribes together resulting in a more positive, and peaceful community.

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give all year round with erdo

sponsor a child with erdo

Sponsor a child - $41/month

Imagine transforming the life of a child as a year-long Christmas gift to a person you love!

Children in ERDO’s ChildCARE Plus program have been selected from communities suffering from extreme poverty. Sponsorship funds allow them to go to school and have other basics in life.

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 erdo group sponsorship  

Group Sponsorship – any amount/month

This gift goes towards the care of all children in a specific ChildCARE Plus program. It helps with things like supplementary food, school supplies, medical aid, child/family celebrations, and can even help cover the care of a child who is waiting for individual sponsorship.

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 erdo school supplies

School Supplies - $12/month

Children are always in need of tutors and school supplies. Your monthly gift will help community children in Honduras with extra-curricular tutoring support and school supplies on an ongoing basis.


 erdo training for students

Training for Students - $100/month

Your monthly support help students attend the William Cornelius Vocational Training Centre in Guatemala. This gift provides students with vocational training which serves as a bridge to higher education and meaningful work.

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