Crisis Response 2017

Horn of Africa Crisis

bone Bone is a widow and a grandmother who lives in Boruharro in Marsabit. She is receiving emergency food from ERDO's crisis response program in Kenya.  She has been caring for her widowed daughter’s four children since she died two years ago. 

Bone said “As old as I am, I must take my daughter’s children into my home with me.  They need to be cared for and be safe.  There is no one else left in my family.”

Due to the drought, the family has struggled to find food.  Of the four children Bati (10) and Boru (15) are in school.  Bone had to take Jarso (7) out of school because she cannot afford school fees.  She hopes that once Boru is finished school in another year, she can send Jarso back. 

Before the Food Assistance came the family was not able to eat full meals; often just black tea and a small amount of maize meal for the children to share.  Bone was embarrassed to admit that many days  there was nothing for the children to share in the evening.  Even though Bati and Boru had a small mid-day meal at school, they were hungry after the long walk home.  Since the food assistance program started the family has two full meals per day (breakfast and supper) and the children have not gone to bed hungry.

While Bone still struggles to meet the needs of the children, she is grateful for the 5-month program which is providing much needed food.  She says “It is a good thing to come together and meet with other beneficiaries at distributions (two times a month).  We are all suffering and able to share each others burdens through talk and singing.”


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