Hurricane Matthew Update

Emergency Response in Haiti

Phase 1 – Emergency Relief Packs

  • For four-weeks we assisted victims in the region of Hinche.
  • 250 vulnerable households from two villages received critical emergency relief packs and essential foods.

Phase 2 – Cash-for-Work

  • Provided cash or food in exchange for fixing community roads damaged by the hurricane. (road repair photo at right)
  • 205 households participated in the program, benefitting from 2 weeks of continuous employment to support the family in supplying food and housing needs.

Phase 3 – One-Year Agricultural Recovery program

  • The program’s goals involve creating the sustainable production of corn, sorghum, pigeon pea and cassava.  There is also teaching on crop processing and marketing to increase the farm’s income.
  • 200 families will benefit from this program in 2017.


Emergency Hygiene and Sanitation Relief in Cubarelief in the dominican republic
  • Through local partners in Cuba, ERDO provided 400 hygiene kits to meet the needs of one community in Eastern Cuba. Each kit provided to families helped improve access to clean water, hygiene and basic sanitation. 
Emergency Flood Recovery in Dominican Republic
  • 200 vulnerable households received emergency flood recovery packs containing these food and non-food items: rice, beans, blankets, bleach, sheets, bottled water, first-aid kits, hand sanitizer, mosquito nets, mosquito repellent, tarp, soap, shampoo and parasite medicine.

Generous donors made it possible to respond quickly to the pressing need for emergency aid.

Hurricane Matthew 

Updated: December 5, 2016

Hurricane Matthew has claimed the lives of over 1,000 individuals and many residents are in great need after the tropical storm hit the Southern Peninsula of Haiti and Eastern Cuba on October 4, 2016.

Hurricane Matthew devastation in CubaThere is great need for humanitarian assistance across these two nations, as people recover from destruction of homes, loss of crops and rise of water-borne illnesses such as cholera, in the quake of the storm. At this time, we are partnering with two local agencies to strategically respond to the great need in both Cuba and Haiti.

ERDO will be partnering with local organizations in Haiti and Cuba, to support both relief and recovery efforts in the quake of the destruction of Hurricane Matthew.


Emergency Food Parcels and Hygiene Kits in Haiti

Project goal is to: 

Contribute to the immediate assistance of those impacted by Hurricane Matthew in the rural region of Hinche, Haiti by providing emergency relief. Through an estimated four-week response, ERDO’s in-country partner will facilitate the distribution of essential food and hygiene packages to 200 vulnerable households in two targeted villages.

ERDO Project Goals -

a.       $55 CAD will provide one family with an emergency food parcel and hygiene kit

b.       Goal of providing 200 emergency food parcels and hygiene kits to families


Emergency Hygiene and Sanitation Relief in Cuba

Project goal is to:

Contribute to the recovery of communities impacted by Hurricane Matthew in the province of Guantanamo, Cuba, through providing emergency relief assistance and actions to strengthen community resilience.

ERDO Project Goals -

a.       $30 CAD will provide one family with a hygiene kit to improve access to clean water, hygiene and basic sanitation

b.       Goal of providing 400 hygiene kits to meet the needs of one community in Eastern Cuba


Cash/Food for Work Program in Haiti:

Project goals are to:

  • Rebuild damaged roads caused by Hurricane Matthew
  • Provide food or cash to those helping rebuild community roads

ERDO Project Goals -

a.      $60 CAD will provide one person with cash or food for 15 days of work

b.      Goal of fixing community roads and providing 250 individuals with food or cash



One Year Agricultural Recovery Project in Haitifamily in haiti

Project goals are to:

  • Help farmers in the rural region of Hinche
  • Assist in recovering damaged crops and rebuilding livelihoods
  • Help families develop means of income generation for the future

ERDO Project Goals -

a.       $75 CAD will provide one family with the tools, seeds and training they need to recover from the storm and rebuild their livelihoods to provide for the future

b.       Goal of providing tools, seeds and training for 250 families to rebuild their lives after the devastating effects of Hurricane Matthew


ERDO will also be responding to the flooding in the Dominican Republic, learn more.

Your donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support.





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