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woman in wezesha smilingThe Wezesha Project is the name of ERDO’s microfinance program in the central African countries of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Burundi. We work with the poor, in two of the world’s poorest countries, empowering women to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

This program provides small business owners with access to financial services from which they would otherwise be excluded. Traditional banks do not want to lend money to this segment of the economy. It is considered too risky, too administratively-intensive, and without sufficient profit. Microloans allow these borrowers the opportunity to expand their businesses, and increase their income and capacity. The program works exclusively with women business owners because they generally have the least amount of access to financial services in developing countries. 

In Swahili (one of the main languages in the region) “wezesha” means “empower” – and this is the work of the Wezesha Project.

The Wezesha Project Facts

·         DRC:

    • Launched in 2011
    • Currently 510 borrowers through 2 lending posts in the Uvira region

·         Burundi:

    • Launched in 2015
    • Currently 405 borrowers through 1 lending post in Bujumbura

·         In addition to loan capital, the program has provided more than 8,000 hours of training to date

How You Can Help

When women see other women rise above poverty and provide for their own families, it’s a powerful testimony.  Your donation of $75, $100, or more will help women in poverty gain dignity and the means to help their families.

Want to learn more? Read the Wezesha Project FAQs!



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