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Country:  Zambia
Age:  14
Gender:  Girl
Birthdate: 16/06/2007


Naomi is a friendly young girl who lives with her mother, brother, and two sisters in Zambia. Sadly, Naomi's father abandoned the family, leaving her mother to care for the family's needs on her own. Despite her mother's best efforts, she has been unable to secure a reliable source of income. What little she is able to earn doing the odd jobs she can find is often insufficient to meet the family's needs. Life is an ongoing struggle for Naomi and her family.

Public schools in Zambia charge school fees which prevent many children like Naomi from having access to a quality education. Through ChildCARE Plus sponsorship, however, Naomi will be able to continue her education. She hopes to be a teacher one day. Naomi likes learning English at school and in her spare time, she likes to read. At home, Naomi helps her family by cooking and fetching water. Her favourite Bible story is about Cain and Abel and green is her favourite colour.

$41.00 a month

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